That's All I Ask

"Don't try to blow out the sun for me baby
I'm not asking for what I know can't be
All that I ask is a kiss a day
And I'll give you love that'll never go away
Yes I will yes I will

I wouldnt ask you to lift up
This great big world little baby
I'm not that kind of a girl
All that I ask is a smile or two
And nothing in this world will be too good for you
Nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody
Nobody knows how deep my love for you really goes

But boy I want you to know
I wouldn't ask you to hold back the light of dawn baby
That's too much to ask to anyone
All that I ask is your loving ways
And I'll keep you happy
For the rest of your natural born days baby

You hear me talking to you
I'll keep you happy
I'll keep you happy for the rest of your days daddy
Just believe me"

Horace Ott

Esta letra magnífica pertence a uma música que em nada lhe fica atrás. Infelizmente, não conheço a versão original, que julgo ser da Nina Simone, mas "apenas" a versão do "meu" Jeff Buckley.... Se tiverem oportunidade de ouvir, não é tempo perdido.

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